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Desert Heart CPR not only provides professional CPR and First Aid training but also professional AED sales and service. Contact Desert Heart CPR for your AED needs and AED information. We will be happy to meet with you to evaluate your needs and help you with your AED purchase.                                                                                               



ZOLL AED Plus     $1,695.00

  • ZOLL AED Plus
  • D-Padz Adult electrodes with feedback**
  • Full set of batteries**
  • Soft carry case
  • Instruction CD with easy setup
  • AED accessory kit that comes with scissors, gloves, CPR barrier, Alcohol Wipes, Razor

**The ZOLL AED Plus provides you with the best value for pads and batteries, which have a normal shelf life of 5 years. Other brands typically only have a 2 year shelf life which can equate to costly maintenance.


Ongoing Support

Desert Heart CPR will assist you in setting up your AED, including product registration, when you purchase from us. Additionally, we provide ongoing assistance with your AED and provide a free demonstration to ensure proper use.

Did you know?

The ZOLL AED Plus is the only unit to offer real time CPR assistance and feedback so you know that you are performing CPR properly. It is the only unit to monitor the pressure and rate of your compressions and encourage you to press harder or faster, as needed.




AED Cabinets

We offer several types of AED wall mount and recessed cabinets. We can help you with one or as many as you need.
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