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Desert Heart CPR is an authorized provider for ASHI classes and is also a certified Training Center with the American Safety and Health Institute. In addition, we are a member of the Better Business Bureau and in good standing. We support and practice ethical business standards. Desert Heart CPR has been providing CPR and First Aid training in Phoenix since 2007 and has expanded CPR training to all of Arizona.

Charles Velasquez has been an authorized Instructor Trainer for BLS level training since 2007. With a background in law enforcement, Charles’ interest in responding to emergency situations and safety arose. Charles focuses on realistic training with practical knowledge instead of repeating memorized lines that may not benefit you as well. Charles has a passion for child safety issues and is always willing to help educate people on how to keep children safe.

Amber Velasquez is a Respiratory Therapist with real life, hands on experience that she gained working in hospitals responding to life threatening emergencies. Amber is constantly getting praise for her classes and the knowledge she passes on. Amber has been an authorized BLS level Instructor since 2007.

Desert Heart CPR has trained thousands of people over the years in Arizona. All of our classes meet or exceed state requirements for BLS level training. We guarantee our training is the most up-to-date and matches or exceeds national standards in BLS training. We will get you the correct training for your job or your business for accredidation.

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