CPR Is Easy To Learn

Over the years that I’ve been teaching CPR and First Aid classes, it became apparent to me that a majority of people were uncomfortable with the idea of performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Sure, on occasion, I’d have those few that were seemingly willing to do whatever it would take to save the life of another – and that’s wonderful. However, in order to really save lives CPR needs to be something most people would be willing to do, not just the heroic handful.

Fortunately, nowadays we have a solution: Compressions only. It relieves the concerns that a majority of bystanders would have in these emergencies that would hinder their willingness to help. And it works! A Pennsylvania EMS group found that they’re had a 20% increase in survival rates for those suffering from cardiac arrest since implementing compressions only. «Read Full News Story Here»

We like to hear that these simplified techniques are so successful. As someone who’s been trained in CPR for more than 16 years, I can attest that the older techniques had a lot of steps and different sets of numbers to remember. Individuals who didn’t work in healthcare didn’t always feel confident that they could remember everything they learned in CPR classes. When I started teaching CPR years ago, I came up with little tricks that would help more people remember the steps, but still some weren’t as confident as I would have liked.

For many people, just the idea of having to act in an emergency is nerve wracking. Then throw in the fact that they felt that they had to remember a bunch of what seemingly felt like complicated steps. It was overwhelming for many lay-rescuers. I find that with these more simplified techniques, more people leave class feeling confident in their abilities to save a life. Now is a great time to learn CPR. It really is easy, so come take a class with us!


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